The Best Way to Stop Smoking

A British study helped to discover that people who had the desire to give up smoking were nearly 60 % more likely to succeed if they used electronic cigarettes, compared to aspiring quitters who attempted an anti-smoking nicotine gum or patch. The same 60% statistic sutained when the study authors compared the use of e-cigs as a quit-smoking help to people who tried to quit by self-control.

The vapor provided by e-cigarettes contains nicotine without tobacco smoke, by that reducing the strong desire and withdrawal manifestations on smokers, in accordance with background data in the report. The use of e-cigs has risen significantly in last few years: Only 2 % of U.S. smokers affirmed using them in 2010, but that number raised to more than 30 % in 2012.

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E cigs to The Rescue

A new questionable opinion piece suggests that e-cigs could cause the “collapse” of conventional smokes and help thousands of lives in the process. The only thing that stops these smokeless devices from gaining much wider use is that the population knows they are not regulated. Therefore, some people are less likely to use, as stated by Dr. Nathan Cobb, assistant professor of medicine at Georgetown University School of Medicine, in the department of pulmonary and critical care. Other experts admit that more comprehensive analysis is needed in order for medical professionals to advance with public health procedures that position e-cigs as final aid for smokers. Meanwhile, it’s simply too soon to tell whether or not electronic cigarettes are really efficient at helping people stop smoking.

Tobacco use is culpable for more than five million deaths per year worldwide. It is a preventable cause of death, so it is not unexpected that when a new device that has the ability to help people quit smoking comes out, it smashes the market. Many smokers are eager to give it a try, and one of the latest devices is electronic cigarettes.

E-cigs – Past, Present and Future

E-cigs were invented in China in 2003, first brought in the U.S. market in 2007, and the product is acquiring both friends and foes around the world. Can e-cigarettes truly help you give up smoking? Supporters of e-cigs affirm that it helps and that think they are better than smoking tobacco cigs – both for their health and for their savings. But the FDA and other health departments aren’t so sure. They want to know additional information about the side effects of the e-cigarette, and some are calling for strong rules. Currently, e-cigs are not subject to U.S. tobacco laws because they don’t incorporate tobacco, which makes them tough to regulate and prohibit to minors.

Supporters of e-cigs say the products can help people give up smoking and that e-cigarettes are a healthier option than tobacco cigs. This is because they use vapor to transport nicotine to the body, not smoke. After all, it’s the fume from tobacco cigarettes that’s been established as one of the determinants of cancer. Electronic cigarettes don’t expose the consumer to the identical toxic chemicals, because they don’t use smoke or tobacco to transport nicotine to the lungs. Alternatively, the device ignites a liquid solution with nicotine, which transforms into a vapor that the user inhales.

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E-cigarettes a Helpful Tool

Many people looking for a way to give up smoking are embracing the e-cigarette, proclaiming that the device has aided them in quitting or remarkably cutting down on tobacco-cigarette use. Supporters of the e-cig say they encountered less coughing and effortless breathing with e-cigs compared to regular cigarettes, and they like the absence of the smoky smell and tainted teeth. The e-cig, unlike nicotine substitute therapies such as the gum or patch, also offers many of the feelings and actions of normal cigarette smoking — actually utilizing the device, inhaling and exhaling vapor that imitates smoke, etc. Nicotine cartridges are even brought in tobacco flavor to more approximately mimic the experience of real smoking. However, consumers also can elect for other flavors, such as mint or chocolate.

While some e-cigarette customers continue to smoke traditional cigarettes as well, many of them convert to e-cigs completely. Some smokers are beginning to use the e-cigarette with the presumption that even though it hasn’t been decisively proven safe, it’s worth the risk, especially since the injurious effects of tobacco cigarettes are so well known.