Nicoccino Review

Dear Vapors, E-Cig Brands are sorry to report that we have received negative feedback from customers regarding this company. We strongly recommend against purchasing this brand. Please consider the other recommended solutions to quit smoking.

Nicoccino Product Review

Nicoccino: An Alternative to Smoking?

For those who are hunting for an alternative to cigarettes, e-cigs have been touted as a way to get the nicotine hit without the other chemicals found in cigarettes. But a company in Sweden may have come up with another option for those who want the nicotine without the traditional smoke or without the vapor from e-cigs.

How Nicoccino Works: Understanding the Product

Nicoccino is a product made in Sweden that provide the nicotine equivalent of one traditional cigarette or 1 mg of nicotine. The product is a patch that can be tucked between your lip and gum. It will break up in a few minutes, unlike chewing tobacco that can also be tucked between the lip and gum line.

For those who still want to enjoy nicotine without the tobacco and typical scent of cigarettes, Nicoccino provides a simple approach that is easy to use but does not draw attention to your habit. The patch is enhanced with lemon and mint, so it also does not leave a nasty after taste in your mouth or bad breath. Nicoccino is produced to pharmaceutical standards and with natural ingredients.

The patch dissolves in approximately 10 minutes, but the effect of the nicotine can last for up to 45 minutes. For a longer time to the onset of nicotine rush, try folding the patch in half before tucking it into your lip. As the patch dissolves, it provides a source of heat and then delivers the nicotine to the user.

For those trying to quit smoking, this product can provide a way to enjoy nicotine without the harmful chemicals, tar and additives of traditional cigarettes.

Nicoccino versus E-Cigs: What’s the Difference?

Both of these products provide nicotine without additives and chemicals of traditional cigarettes. Yet their delivery systems are very different. With e-cigs, one received the nicotine in a fashion similar to traditional cigarettes. There is a throat hit and the nicotine is inhaled through the vaper’s draw or intake of air through the e-cig device.

With Nicoccino, the nicotine is deliver quickly through the gum line and so the hit of nicotine comes all at once even though the satisfaction effect can last much longer. Thus, for smokers who are used to a slower nicotine delivery system, this might come as a bit of a jolt. Still this product can provide nicotine in moments where vaping or smoking would not be appropriate, such as meetings, public events and while traveling.

E-cigs are limited, in that they may not be allowed in different events. While not necessarily outlawed, they are still frowned upon by observers when used in areas deemed smoke-free. Again, both these products are geared to deliver nicotine without the tar, additives and chemicals of traditional cigarettes. Both can assist current smokers to break their habit, while allowing them to still enjoy their nicotine. Still, it is important for each smoker to find the product that is most effective for assisting them to quit.
nicoccino Review

Quitting with Nicoccino

For those who are using this product to try to quit smoking traditional cigarettes, it is recommended that they use one patch for every cigarette they smoked, but no more. Nicotine is an addictive substance, so using this product will only help you to break your habit of smoking cigarettes. It will not help you break your addition to nicotine, as it will merely satisfy your body’s need for nicotine without the tar and other chemicals of cigarettes.

However, if you are trying to break your addiction to nicotine as well, this product does not allow you to gradually reduce the amount of nicotine introduced into your system, unless you use fewer patches per day. This would be the equivalent of reducing the number of cigarettes a smoker uses each day. Thus, a smoker could move to this product and then step down their nicotine usage over time but enjoy the immediate results that come from using a less harmful method of nicotine delivery.

Additionally, this product should not be used by those who are pregnant or breastfeeding, similar to the warnings for cigarette smokers. Nicotine does have some side effects due to its influence of the sensory system of the body. The effects will vary from individual to individual, as they use the product and find their tolerance levels.
Nicoccino Accessories

Accessories: Packaging for Your Patches

Nicoccino patches come in a discreet but stylish package that appears similar to a pack of gum. The package itself is not much bigger than a traditional credit card in size. Thus, users of Nicoccino patches can use them without drawing attention to themselves. The package is durable and made to keep the foils and patches from being taken apart by little hands. Each user, though, is responsible for keeping their patches out of reach for children. The patches are pure nicotine, so it is important to keep them secured.

The package is designed to keep the patches fresh and a longer life span for the product itself. Nicoccino also offers leather cases that can house your package of films stylishly. Of course, the packaging itself is hard-wearing, so the case is not necessary to use the product itself.

Wrapping It Up: Final Thoughts

This is a new product introduced in 2014 and designed to assist cigarette smokers who wanted to kick the habit, but did not want to give up their nicotine. By creating a discreet delivery system, smokers can now indulge in a hit of nicotine without the negative behavior associated with smoking. Vaping is still an option for these smokers as well, but it might not always be possible depending on the setting.

The important thing to remember is that each of these products is merely a delivery system of nicotine without the traditional cigarette and the harm that comes from them. For those trying to quit smoking, it is important to look for the right method for you. Nicoccino is just one more method in a smoker’s arsenal to achieve their end goal to quit smoking.

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