How to Find the Best Online Vape Shop

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Thanks to the wonderful invention called the internet, you don’t even need to take one step out your door to access hundreds of vaping products. With a couple of clicks, you can access e-liquids, vaporizers, and accessories effortlessly. Behold, the world is at your fingertips!

Vape shops online save will save you hundreds of dollars in pocket money every year because you’ll never miss a sale and you don’t have to waste time by driving out of your way.

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Where to start though?

Not all online vape shops are made equally. If you are lost out in the depths of the world, wide, web, then fear not. has everything you need to know on finding the best online vape shops.

Shipping Costs/Times

Depending on where you live and where the vaping company and factory is based, you might have to wait up to a month to get your packet of goodies. Some companies will allow you to pay extra to have premium service, but not all. Even if you do pay extra though, you could be looking at something like two weeks if you live somewhere remote. Now, if you live in the U.S., this likely won’t be a huge problem because there are a plethora of retailers based all over the country. Now, let’s say that you are ordering a new vaporizer, but you’re still using your old one in the meantime. In that case, you might be able to wait a couple weeks. However, if you’re living in somewhere in South America and you run out of atomizers and need more stat, then you could find yourself in a bit of a pinch.

Shipping overseas may also cost extra. Shipping domestically may cost extra depending on the company sending it. Make sure to check the company’s shipping policy to see what they offer. A good-quality online vaping shop will offer free shipping for a minimum order. Sometimes this amount changes though if you’re shipping internationally. Direct Vapor offers free shipping for domestic orders with no minimum. You’ll also want to look for rapid turn-around. If it takes the company longer than 24 hours to process your order, then chances are they are wasting your time.


If you’re buying your products online, then you need to look for a good company warrantee. You don’t want to purchase from a company that won’t stand behind its products. If they don’t believe in their products, then why should you?

Now sometimes companies can be a bit slippery about their warranties, and this is where you have to be careful. You always want to read about their warranties before you buy rather than afterwards in case you should happen to use it. Sometimes companies will offer a manufacturer’s warrantee, but only if the product isn’t used, and companies rarely return mouthpieces, tanks, and clearomizers because they can’t take something back if you’ve already put your mouth on it. Other times the companies will ask you to send the product back temporarily so they can confirm its status. The bottom line is, a good company won’t have any qualms about offering you great service because they shouldn’t have anything to fear. Products should stand for themselves. Look for an online vape shop that offers a money back guarantee for up to 30 days after purchase for any reason whatsoever. Then make sure they will provide a manufacturer’s guarantee in case any of the products malfunctions. Now the length of these offers may vary, but definitely do not buy from any website that doesn’t explicitly advertise these offers


Customer Service

Customer service really goes along with the previous item, but it’s important enough to mention on its own. It’s imperative that any online vaping retailer have high-quality customer service because you can’t pop into a shop to ask the manager for a refund whenever you have a spare minute. Vaping equipment can be expensive, and you shouldn’t even start to think about shelling out $100 let alone $50 if you aren’t 150% sure that if there is even the slightest problem the company will take care of it for you.

Now companies will always promise excellent customer service, but how do you know if they really deliver on those promises? Well, you could search for reviews online, but unfortunately you’ll end up finding extreme responses. Forty percent of the responses you’ll find will be embedded in advertisements, fifty percent will be raving mad, and the other ten percent will be somewhat accurate. Remember, you typically only post reviews online if you’ll really have something to say about it. Satisfied customers generally won’t go out of their way to post that they were happy unless they are overjoyed. The best way to find out whether a company has quality customer service is to check product reviews.

Customers will generally comment about how quickly and painlessly they received their products. Now, a high-quality vape shop will politely respond to all comments and concerns. They know that one bad review can send a customer packing, so they do their best to direct you to the proper department or answer your questions right there for you. You’ll probably get a pretty good idea if the company never reads their customer reviews, and if they aren’t happy reviews, you can take your business elsewhere.

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Selection/Device Variety

Of course online vape shops are different, and not every shop will suit every vaper. Vape shops have different kinds of vapers in mind, and if you aren’t their ideal customer, then you might be wasting your time browsing their selection. Sometimes vape shops cater towards young vapers who follow every new trend and can’t wait to buy the next new mod so they can run out and join the closest cloud-chasing competition. Others will target novice vapers, and still others will cater towards experienced vapers looking for an inconspicuous device for vaping during the day. It shouldn’t take you more than a quick glance around to tell whether a vape shop is meant for you or not, but it is worth noting.

Consequently, you want to see what kind of selection they carry. A company’s ideal customer will determine the kinds of devices they offer. Some have a large variety of vape pens but no box mods. While you may love the style of their vaporizers, if the controls are too simple for you, you’re probably not going to walk away satisfied. If you like to vape concentrates or loose leaf, then you should make sure they have an entire section devoted to one or both of these mediums. Not every vape shop offers these kinds of devices, and if they do, they may not have any accessories for it. If you plan on vaping loose leaf or wax on a semi-regular basis, then you’ll want to find a vape shop that will consistently revise and update their products. You might also be searching for an e-cigar or an e-pipe. These tend not to be as popular in the vaping world, but they definitely exist. It’s worth spending a little bit of extra time searching for a vape shop that offers what you need. Essentially, you want a vape shop that has you in mind!


If you’re living in the EU or somewhere where the government has put in vaping regulations, then you have to be particularly careful about ordering online. Just because you can’t use it where you live doesn’t mean the vaping company can’t sell it. You might only find out a couple weeks later when you find out that your package was detained at border control. If you purchase from a vaping company based in your home country, then you shouldn’t have to worry too much, but otherwise, know what you can and cannot order. For instance, in the EU, citizens cannot purchase e-liquid bottles larger than 30ml, so it might just be a good idea to find a vape shop with 10ml bottles or 30ml bottles rather than 60ml bottles. Buying in bulk is great, but not if the border police get to it first.

Reviews/Company Responses

We mentioned product reviews a little bit earlier on, but they really are quite informative. A company with a loyal fan-base will have reviews to prove it. Glance through some of their devices to see whether customers comment on a regular basis. I mentioned before that customers only leave reviews if they are very happy or very angry, but customers will also respond to a company that consistently provides excellent service. Customers do want to let vaping companies know that they appreciate their services. Now, not every company specializes in every kind of product, and that’s okay. If they have loads of reviews on their mods but only a few scattered comments on their vape pens, then you will know pretty quickly how they allocate their resources.

So there you have it. If you are just starting to vape or if you would like to see what the world wide web has to offer you, then this is what you’re going to want to look for when first visiting an online retailer. Now, you may ask, which shops do you recommend? That’s a great question! We have lots of recommendations for you! Below, we’ve listed our favorite vape shops for countries and regions in various different parts of the world based on demographics and location.


Best Online Vape Shop in Canada: VaporFi

VaporFi is an all-around great choice. They have a wide selection of vape pens and box mods and an e-liquid for every palette. We know that the Great White North is quite a diverse place, and VaporFi caters to just about everyone. Their prices are very reasonable, and their devices and accessories come in lots of beautiful colors.

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Top Vape Shops in Australia: VaporFi & Vaper Empire

Vaper Empire is based in Australia, and so all of their products will be distributed from a local outlet . Since Australia really is quite far away from any other country, international shipping costs might prove to be pretty hefty. Don’t worry about any of that with Vaper Empire. They are known for their sophisticated designs and elegant craftsmanship, and their artisan e-liquid collection is simply divine.

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VaporFi launched their new Australian vape store, which has a wide variety of affordable vaping products. It’s one of our favorite online vape shops, and we highly recommend it.

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Best Online Vape Shop in the U.S.A.: Direct Vapor

How do we want our vaporizers in America? We want them BIGGER AND BETTER of course! DirectVapor has an excellent line of mods from top companies like SMOK with the most powerful box mods and tanks on the market today. You can find an unbelievable selection of devices some of which can fire above 200W and even 300W! Shipping is totally free with no minimum purchase requirement, and the company has no-clone and lowest-price guarantees so you know you are getting the cheapest price possible, and why pay any more than you have to, right?

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Best Online Vape Shop in Ireland: Mig Vapor

There’s a growing community of vapers in Dublin. You can find vape shops, vape cafes, and vapers on every street corner. The Irish are big vapers, and they want the best devices they can get. If you are living in Ireland, check out Mig Vapor. Mig Vapor has been carefully edging out its competition the past few years by releasing incredibly useful tanks and mods that are so unique that they don’t exist anywhere else on the market. They keep their prices low, but don’t let that fool you into thinking that their products are poor quality. Mig Vapor just knows how to build the most innovative vaping devices you’ll ever see.

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European Union

Top Vape Shop in Europe: ePuffer

ePuffer is a slightly more sophisticated e-cig brand. They focus a lot of their efforts on high-quality vape pens rather than larger box mods. Their devices still produce loads of thick, dense vapor, but they won’t cloud up a room. You generally won’t find atomizers with a resistance lower than about 1.0Ω for exactly this reason. ePuffer caters towards the middle-age vaper who has or is in the process of transitioning from smoking to vaping and wants to remain generally inconspicuous while doing so. They also cater a few different lines of e-cigars and e-pipes, which are perfect for the traditional European gentleman. Not many vaping companies carry these products if they do at all, so if you are looking for one, ePuffer is definitely the place to go first.

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Best Online Vape Shop in the United Kingdom: ePuffer

ePuffer has a website specifically designed for the UK, so you can get reduced and even free shipping rates if you order at least £50.00. We recommend ePuffer specifically for many of the same reasons listed above. Their e-Pipes are truly meant for an English gentleman, and their designs and products are always sophisticated and high-quality.

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Asia countires

Best Online Vape Shop in Asia: South Beach Smoke

South Beach Smoke is a high-end online vape shop with top-of-the-line devices. In Asia, the number of people who smoke is incredibly high, and those who switch to vaping want to know that they are going to inhale high-quality vapor. South Beach Smoke also offers state-of-the-art technology. Those living in countries like Asia and China are going to love the high-tech devices and accessories only found at South Beach Smoke.

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The Best Vape Shops Are Waiting For You!

Where do you go from here? Well, you go to vape of course. Now you can always find a brick-and-mortar vaping store near you if you prefer to purchase your goods in person. In fact, VaporFi has a great new tool on their website that helps you locate local stores across the United States. You can check it out here. The internet provides you with a far larger selection than you could have ever found before, so get searching! We’ve told you all you need to know about finding the best online vape shops. You’ll want to get out your e-liquids now because you’ll be vaping in no time.